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Vitalyte Banking on Jesus

Published:Saturday | July 9, 2016 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston
Ryan Harvey along with the members of the group Vitalyte. From left: Ackeim Anderson (Ka'vital), Petrina Smith-Neishand Ryan Harvey – aiming to be a positive musical influence
Ryan Harvey living his passions, music and ministry

Rayon Harvey, along with the members of the group, Vitalyte, will be looking to minister in a big way on the saving power of Jesus.

A finalist in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's gospel competition with their entry song 'Banking On Jesus', he is hoping the experience will make the members better performers and see them interacting more with the audience.

The members, Ackeim Anderson (Ka'vital), Petrina Smith-Neishand and Harvey (Acolyte), all entered as individuals last year, with one placing second, this year they have decided to enter as a group.

For Harvey, his journey in the faith was not an easy one, as he opened up about his struggles with staying on the path.

"After accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, I refused to let go completely of my old life. I desired to continue to party and still enjoy the things of the world," he said.




It did not help that his cousin had a great influence on the decisions he made and, according to Harvey, since his cousin wasn't saved, there was a constant battle between his desire for Christ and the things of the world.

"On Sunday, September 16, 2011, I attended divine worship service at my local church. As I listened attentively, I recorded that the topic for the sermon was 'Choices'. It was mainly centred around the choices we make in our lives concerning the things of God," he told Family and Religion.

Harvey said a part of the sermon that caught his attention and really took a hold on him was "when God calls you, He will kill for you, He will remove the persons who hinder you".




He said he came under conviction and intended to return to the new convert class later on.

"But while heading home, I met my cousin who convinced me not to head back to New Beginners' Class, but to accompany him to a football match. I accepted his proposal and we left. While heading to the venue, the car that my cousin was driving, with myself and three other passengers, got out of control. The car skidded, hit my side and overturned, trapping my cousin underneath. The car came to a stop and we were rushed to the hospital. My cousin was pronounced dead. Surprisingly, I sustained no injuries. I later left the hospital and went to church where I dedicated my life completely to Christ," said Harvey.

Harvey, while focused on his singing career, still finds time to engage in charity events with the Ministry of Youth (Manchester Youth Information Centre as well as his church, Faith Claim Ministry.

Born in Manchester, Harvey is a past student of Bellefield High School.

For Harvey, through Vitalyte, the aim is to be a positive musical influence, leading by example within spiritual boundaries by music and deeds.