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Fathers can make the difference

Published:Sunday | July 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM
A father enjoying a fun time with his children.

The following is another in a series of parenting tips brought to you by The Sunday Gleaner in association with the National Parenting Support Commission (NPSC).

As our nation celebrated Father's Day, recently, the NPSC has issued commendations to all fathers who play an active role in the lives of their children.

According to the NPSC, the influence of an involved father is central to the well-being and holistic development of a child.

"Fathers are effective caregivers with the requisite skills to develop a responsible person who is less prone to exhibiting antisocial behaviour," said the NPSC.

Interim chief executive officer of the NPSC, Andre Miller, noted that a father's ongoing interaction with his children serves as an early indicator of a healthy relationship.

Miller argued that this relationship, if sustained, will ultimately influence a child's interpersonal skills in future relationships with friends and spouses.

He said all fathers are encouraged to promote the five 'selves' of effective parenting during the nurturing of their child. They include:

Self-awareness: This speaks to fathers educating their child about respecting their abilities, including their gifts and talents. This also creates a consciousness of their feelings, desires, motives for actions, and an understanding of their character. By becoming self-aware, children will also respect the unique needs of others.

2 Self-accountability: Fathers are reminded to empower their children to accept responsibility for their successes or failures. By being accountable, children will also acknowledge the importance of separating right from wrong and learn the art of weighing the consequences to inform their choices.

3 Self-assurance: Through this element, fathers should teach their children the importance of adding structure to their daily lives. This will also provide their children with the required confidence to effectively organise and take on other duties.

4 Self-management: An effective father-child relationship should dedicate some attention towards developing self-management skills. Fathers can encourage children to take responsibility by modelling the ideal behaviour. For example, seek to balance work and leisure by creating a schedule for your life as a professional and parent. Show your child how to develop a schedule for their personal and academic activities.

5 Self-reliance: This teaches a child to appreciate, use, and effectively manage their assets. It also empowers your child to resolve issues and conflicts in their daily interactions.

"Every Jamaican father should be proud to be called 'dad' or 'daddy' by their children. Get involved in the life of your child from as early as they exit the delivery room. As we salute and honour our fathers, we urge all fathers to take the time and become involved in the physical and psychological development of their child," said Miller.

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