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Cop begs St Ann residents not to try and solve Nevalesia's murder themselves

Published:Monday | July 11, 2016 | 9:35 AM
Nevalesia Campbell

The police say they have no leads yet into yesterday's murder three-year-old Nevalesia Campbell in St Ann. 

The body of the infant was found with several chop wounds near a precipice in the community of Orange Hill, in Brown's Town.

The Assistant Commissioner in charge of the Police Area Two Police Glenford Hudson says it's too early to name a suspect.

Meanwhile, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Gary Francis of the St Ann Division is begging residents not to attempt to solve the case themselves.

Human rights lobby group, Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) is appealing to members of the public to give any information they may have about the case to the police. 

JFJ spokesperson Susan Goffe also says the situation highlights the seriousness of Jamaica's crime situation.


JFJ spokesperson, Susan Goffe

According to Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, the information officer of the police communication unit, the child’s mother reported waking up early Sunday morning to find that her daughter was missing.

The mother said about 10:30 Saturday night she had put Nevalesia and her twin brother to bed.

She said about 30 minutes later, the little girl woke up and requested a drink of water which she got before going back to bed. 

The mother told the police that she woke up at around 1:30 Sunday morning and realised that Nevalesia was missing.

She also reportedly saw the front door of the house opened.

The door had only been closed before bedtime.

Following a frantic search, the child's mother made a report to the police about two o'clock Sunday morning. 

Hours later in daylight, the child's body was found with chop wounds.