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INDECOM boss says delayed post-mortem reports severely impacting commission

Published:Wednesday | July 13, 2016 | 1:34 PM
Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigation, Terrence Williams.

The Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM), Terrence Williams, says prolonged delays in getting post-mortem reports are severely impacting the investigations being carried out by the oversight body.

Addressing members of the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PACC) of Parliament this morning Williams said INDECOM has had to wait for post-mortem reports for more than two months.

He said the agency is also faced with challenges in getting medical certificates.

At the same time, Williams is asking for special court sittings to deal with cases brought by INDECOM as well as matters relating to lottery scamming.

The INDECOM boss also encouraged young Jamaicans to pursue careers in forensic pathology.

He said persons from overseas who have been contracted to work as forensic pathologists sometimes return home after their contracts have ended and this poses a problem when cases they have dealt with require their presence to testify in court.