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Doctor's Advice | Can oral sex give you an infection?

Published:Saturday | July 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Q A bunch of guys from my school went on a trip to the Corporate Area last week. Doc, I regret to tell you that while we were in downtown Kingston, I got myself a little involved with a girl. She was around 18 years of age.

I think she was a sort of part-time sex worker, but she did not charge me any money. However, she did give me some oral sex - mainly because I had bought her a drink.

Well, now we are all back home. I have not told any of the other guys what happened, but I do have an odd irritating sensation in my penis, which is worse when I pass urine. Also, there may be a little fluid at the end of it sometimes - I am not sure.

What do you think, Doc? Could I have caught anything as a result of the girl giving me oral sex?

People have told me that it is impossible to catch any germs that way.

A Well, they are wrong! Oral sex can pass on sexually transmitted infections (STIs). That applies to both:

- Oral sex given by a woman to a man (fellatio).

- Oral sex given by a man to a woman (cunnilingus).

Recently, research papers have shown that some professional sex workers carry germs such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea in their throats. Obviously, this is because they give fellatio to a lot of guys.

I cannot tell you for certain whether you have caught anything, but it sounds like you may have an infection with chlamydia.

You should go to a doctor or a clinic as soon as possible. Take with you a specimen of your urine in a very clean container. Do not fret. If you have chlamydia, it should be possible to cure.

One final word - please don't have sex with anyone until you have been diagnosed and cured.

Q Good day, Doc. I am a girl who is in a kind of love quandary. In our part of Cornwall, there are two brothers, who both say that they love me.

What they want to do is for both of them to have sex with me together. They say that this would be really great for me, and that between them, they would give me lots of orgasms.

As I have not had an orgasm yet, this idea has quite an appeal! However, I know that to go with both brothers would be wrong and maybe, risky health-wise. What do you think, Doctor?

A I think this is a real dumb idea. Boys are very good at making up bizarre stories in order to get girls to do sexy things, and that is what has happened here.

I simply do not believe these two guys when they say they both love you. You see, when a man really loves a woman, he does not want to share her sexually with somebody else! The idea is preposterous.

I guess what has happened here is that the two brothers have had a chat about you. One of them has said to the other: 'Wouldn't it be kind of nice if we both had sex with her?' And then one of them has said: 'I've got a good idea. Let's tell her that we both love her. That way, she'll probably give in to us.'

I am not sure what they hope to do if they manage to get you into bed. These threesomes are usually pretty chaotic, particularly if they involve young guys who can't control their ejaculations.

I need hardly add that you might wind up pregnant by one of the brothers. And one or both of them could give you an infection.

So please tell them 'No way!'

Q Doc, I am a guy of 17. I have to go to a doctor for a medical exam next week.

Will he be able to tell that I have masturbated?

A No, he won't be able to tell. Also, he will not be interested. As an experienced doctor, he will be well aware that most 17-year-old males masturbate.

So please forget your fears.

Q I beg you to help me, Doc. I am female, age 18, and I have one of those hormone-loaded coils. My boyfriend and I have had sex around a dozen times in the last month. Now, my period has not arrived!

Yesterday, I went to my doctor's office to try and get an appointment with him, but the lady there turned me away, saying that I 'could not possibly be pregnant as I have a hormone coil in me.

Is that true, Doc?

A No, it is totally untrue. The intra-uterine system (IUS) is an excellent method of contraception, but it is certainly not 100 per cent effective in preventing pregnancy.

Furthermore, if you do conceive, you have to consider the possibility that the pregnancy might be an ectopic one. That means, a conception which is not in the womb but somewhere else, like the fallopian tube.

You must get a pregnancy test done immediately!

If it is negative, then there is probably no cause for alarm. The IUS can sometimes stop the menses, and that could be the reason your period has not arrived. Nevertheless, you should have a check-up soon to make sure everything is OK.

If the test is positive, you would need to see a doctor immediately. This is an emergency. You would need an internal examination, plus tests, to find out where the IUS is and where the pregnancy is.

Do not delay. Get that pregnancy test done today if possible.

Q I am a guy of 20 years, and I often have raunchy dreams in which I am having sex with pretty girls.

Recently, one of these dreams has disturbed me, Doc. In it, I was having sexual intercourse with my own mother! I awoke, shaking with fear and guilt. I was so horrified by what had happened.

What must I do, Doc? Could I get some medication to prevent me from ever having such a terrible dream again?

A Please try and understand that dream land is a wild and wacky place where bizarre things happen. We have no control over the weird and extraordinary events that take place in our dreams, so you need not feel guilty about what you dreamt.

Alas! There is no medication to help control your dreams, but you may never, ever have such a scary and upsetting dream again.

Psychoanalysts say that it is not unusual for males to have unconscious sexual feelings about their mothers, but this does not mean that in the real world you would want to do anything sexual with your mom.

If by any chance this dream ever recurs, you should see a counsellor or a psychologist. But I doubt that unpleasant dream will return.

Q My fiance wants to use the condom whenever we have sex. Will that give me complete protection against pregnancy?

A Not complete, but it will give you pretty good protection. Additionally, it is a great deal better than using nothing.

Please make sure that your fiancÈ always puts the condom on before he enters you. Both of you should also take great care not to tear it with jewellery, fingernails or teeth.

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