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Juliet Morgan-Facey loves the life she leads

Published:Thursday | July 14, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
The joys of the Facey home - Krishna and Layla.
Juliet Morgan- Facey and her husband, Joshua.

Mandeville, Manchester:

It is believed that one must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in order to understand true love and be able to express it unreservedly toward all.

Has this been tried and proven?

Juliet Morgan-Facey, known to many as Lisa, has affirmed this belief and is testament to its truth.

The nail care specialist has lived a life filled with disappointments - many at the hands by some she says she has put her trust in. But she has come to the realisation that once God is present in her life, she has nothing to worry about or feel threatened by.

Morgan-Facey admitted that it was only approximately seven years ago that she established a personal relationship with God and so far there are no regrets.

"I grew up in the church: I know nothing outside of church really. I have never been to a party or a dance, but even though I grew up in church it really wasn't until after an accident that my eyes were opened and I strengthened the relationship I had with God - and it is now stronger than ever."

She told Family and Religion of a near-death experience that shook her to the core and set her on the path and she is now on.

" I remember leaving work to go visit a friend. On my way there in the taxi I felt a chill three times but I ignored it (my friend had told me to go home but I didn't). In the taxi rested my head on a friend's shoulders as I was sitting in the back. The next thing I felt was a massive pressure on my head."

The car had met in a major head-on accident.

"I felt my head spinning uncontrollably. I was conscious but it was as if I wasn't in my natural self. I felt as though I was in a trance and my body was ascending. I had gotten the worst hit and I meditated on God and asked Him to help me through. It was the first time I actually felt as though I was going to die."

She added, "I slowly felt my body coming back and I was taken to the hospital. I felt the strong urge to vomit, but the doctors said with my head injury and the swelling in my head I wouldn't live if I threw up. While there I kept a song in my heart 'Your grace and mercy brought me through' and I became even more focused on God and my relationship with Him."




Morgan-Facey recounted another instance where God really stepped up for her and showed her He had her back.

"From birth, God has always showed up in my life - that is why I can't help but trust Him and believe that He will do it all for it, even that which my mind cannot comprehend. I remember I wanted a house to live and I saw the advertisement for a house renting and I pursued it. I saw the house I liked it and proceeded to make a down payment. I left the house after making a down payment but I was uneasy, I heard a voice as clear as day telling me to turn around and go back for my money."

"The voice was so powerful I couldn't ignore it. I did exactly what it said and turned around I collected the money from the young lady and left. I was still looking for a house and at one point I became frustrated. But I dreamt I was in the house that I had visited I saw myself in there as if it had already been laid out and the Lord would have it that I return there."

Morgan-Facey explained that upon returning to the house she met a contractor who was renovating sections of the house. He introduced her to an elderly man who was the caretaker of the home and who informed her that the young lady she had seen earlier had received an eviction notice (from the same house) and wanted to take her money.

"You see, we should never question God: He knows best and I have seen his handy work in my life. Every time I do good, evil presents itself, but as a child of God I can't intentionally do bad.

"God has blessed me with a great family, a loving and caring husband, Joshua, who loves his family unconditionally and two beautiful children, Krishna and Layla, who are my priority and who I try to encourage to the best version of themselves through my lifestyle."

This family-oriented woman of God is contended with the heart given her by God and she pledges to continue using it to touch the lives of others.

"If you do good you shall find it after many days. The seeds you plant will one day mature, so plant good seeds. One of my favourite songs says 'Search me oh God and know my heart, I pray..' I am not perfect , but God's love in me is able to do more than I can ever ask or imagine."