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Steve Lyston | Divide and conquer - the '-isms' at work!

Published:Saturday | July 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The recent shootings in the United States of America has opened the wound again regarding racism and classism, and in order to deal with the situation, we must get to the root of it. However, it seems that nobody wants to get to the root of the matter. We must also look at every side.

We need to look at parenting and the absence of fathers within many homes. We will need to look at the distribution of resources to black communities. We have to ask, "Has the black community been forgotten?" Some don't want to accept that racism and classism are real.

Are racism and classism real? YES!

Is the country divided? YES!

Politicians, the media, and lobby groups have been dividing the country from within.

When there is division within a country or organisation from within, it will open up greater problems and ultimately fall. Division pulls one's attention from the real issues and the real enemies.

The police force needs to be reformed and the training manual would need to be revisited. They must understand that when they are dealing with the public, not everyone is a criminal! They should not be quick to shoot or beat citizens, neither should they administer justice or their duties based on the colour of a person's skin!

Racism should never be tolerated in any society. Likewise, black people must forgive and recognise that not all white people are the same. Many of the black Americans have not forgiven the things that have happened since the days of slavery!

The time has come for more schools to be built than prisons for profit. Statistics have shown that more black people are in prison, and more black people have abortions.




Now is the time to restore prayer to the police and government buildings and within the schools. Yoga and other New Age techniques will not help.

It is very disappointing that the Church is not in the forefront to take down racism and classism. It is sad to say that some churches are divided, but we the Church must fix it! We must start from within and deal with this Leviathan, as well as the Python and the Cobra spirits that are poisoning nations.

Jesus in no way condones racism or classism. In Acts 10, God instructed Peter not to call anything common and unclean. He was showing Peter that He was no respecter of persons. Peter believed that it was a violation of his Jewish beliefs for Jews to mingle with Gentiles in any way.

The fact that God shows no partiality means that He wants everyone, regardless of their nationality or ethnic orientation - He died for all! As the Church, we must deal with these issues. In James 2, we see that all human beings have equal value, and by their humanity, are inter-related. Human worth cannot be valued by your education, wealth, or social standing. All are significant and valuable in God's order.

It is sad to say that within the Caribbean - in the churches and the society - there is a high level of classism and racism, and very rarely do we see a policeman raiding an upper-class community.




We have a glorious opportunity as the Church to rise up and tackle strongholds using spiritual tools. Meanwhile, politicians and the media, as well as Hollywood, need to deal with the root of the problem and stop poisoning the people and turning them against each other in order to make a profit; while business people who are making exorbitant profits need to put some of their profits into the communities to help to reduce unemployment.

Many of the businesses have, over the years, given money to fight gender issues, while ignoring the basic needs of those in the communities in which they exist. Some even refuse to give to the faith-based organisation to try and reduce poverty and empower the people.

Recognise that racism and classism are taught; no one was born that way. Racism and classism are strongholds in the mind.

Divide, deceive, and conquer are the ultimate goals for racism, classism, and other prejudices. These prejudices - in addition to hate, unforgiveness, murder, sexual immorality - are all unethical and demonically inspired practices that will not be fixed by logic and civil rights lobbies and movements. These can only be fixed according to 2 Corinthians 10.

Since when did the Church forget about spiritual warfare? The heart is the source of all evil actions. (Matthew 15) Only a new heart, a repenting heart and a heart of flesh with a right spirit can bring change. When division and conflict arise, it means that the enemy has a greater plan or the enemy is trying to abort something that is about to be birthed!

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.