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Why DK Duncan accepted re-election as PNP Hanover Eastern chairman

Published:Saturday | July 16, 2016 | 11:32 AM
DK Duncan

Former Hanover Eastern MP DK Duncan has sought to explain his reason for seeking re-election as the chairman of the constituency from which he retired as its People's National Party (PNP) parliamentary representative earlier this year.

Former Lucea Mayor Wynter McIntosh who had succeeded Duncan as the constituency chairman, lost in his bid to become the Hanover Eastern MP during the February 25 general election.

Last Sunday, during a PNP constituency conference in Sandy Bay, Hanover, Duncan was unanimously re-elected as chairman.

Duncan has since explained that he was accepting the post in order to free McIntosh to launch an effective re-election campaign for councillor of the Chester Castle Division, a post he has held since 2007.

McIntosh has been re-elected chairman of the PNP's Chester Castle Division.

"Dr Duncan’s re-election as chairman of Eastern Hanover is expected to re-energise the PNP base in that constituency and strengthen the party’s preparation for the upcoming local government elections," said a PNP spokesperson in a release.

Earlier this week, the Hanover Western MP Ian Hayles criticised the return of Duncan, saying it was inconsistent with the renewal agenda being advocated for the PNP.

IN PHOTO: Ian Hayles

"Enough is enough," Hayles said on Nationwide Radio.

Meanwhile, Hopewell businesswoman Sharon Taylor has been elected councillor caretaker of the PNP's Hopewell Division.

Educator Andria Dehaney-Dinham was elected councillor caretaker for the Sandy Bay Division, replacing Councillor Lloyd Hill who is not eligible for re-election.

Moncrieff Leslie, a former councillor for the Chester Castle division was elected a vice chairman of the constituency, along with the three divisional chairmen.