Sun | Feb 18, 2018

14 persons killed on Jamaican roads in the past week

Published:Monday | July 18, 2016 | 4:18 PM
A policeman surveys the damage to the Suzuki Vitara in which eight people were travelling early Saturday morning when it plunged into the Rio Cobre.

The Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport is reporting that 14 people have been killed on Jamaican roads in the past six days.

The ministry had reported that up to June 12 there was a 10 per cent decline in fatal crashes and a two per cent drop in fatalities as the number of persons killed on Jamaican roads hit a 200 mark.

Now seven days later, the number of road fatalities is up to 214 – a two per cent increase when compared with the similar period last year.

According to the Road Safety Unit, males account for 84 per cent of fatalities since the beginning of the year.

The statistical report also states that motorists account for 26 per cent of deaths while pedestrians account for 18 per cent of fatalities in 2016.