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Tech Times | Adata's ultra-strong external hard drive

Published:Monday | July 18, 2016 | 12:00 AMBy Ryan Blake

Adata's HD710A waterproof, dustproof and shockproof external hard drive was designed with both the outdoorsman in mind and those who like to back up sensitive information for safe keeping. The HD710A is housed in a silicone case and is equipped with USB 3.0 capabilities.

The dynamic design of this hard drive matches the requirements of sports enthusiasts and comes in colour options such as grey, black, yellow and blue.

The HD710A is guaranteed to give normal operations in extremely dusty environments or after being submerged in 1.5-metre deep water for up to 60 minutes. We also discovered that the HD710A passed the United States Military's MIL-STD-810G drop test. For us civilians, this means testers dropped the device from a height of four feet on each of its six faces, 12 edges and eight corners, for a total of 26 drops. They visually inspect for damage and determine whether it still works after each drop. With such impressive ratings, a glass of water accidentally spilling on your hard drive will not cause any panic.




With some external hard drives, there is usually an issue when it comes to safely storing the USB cable, and often times it ends up being misplaced. The USB cable on the HD710A contorts into a wraparound exterior slot in the case, providing sleek storage.

Using the HD710A, we found that the cable fits loosely into the hard drive. With continued use, this could become an issue and possibly fall out. While the Adata's HD710A hard drive is not the fastest on the market, it does prove itself to be one of the more sporty and rugged hard drives available and would withstand any natural disaster with ease.


- Extremely durable.

- Lightweight, sporty design.

- USB cable provided is sturdy.


- The silicone housing only secured to the plastic in a few spots. There are loose areas, particularly around the port.

- USB 3.0 speed could be faster.

- Price range $22,700

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