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Karl Blythe to challenge Portia for PNP presidency

Published:Tuesday | July 19, 2016 | 4:14 PM
Karl Blythe ... submitted his nomination papers today.

Former Westmoreland Central MP Dr Karl Blythe has been nominated to run against Portia Simpson Miller for the post of president of the People's National Party (PNP).

The nomination comes a day before the process closes.

The PNP secretariat says Blythe submitted his nomination papers today.

The party may hold a special delegates conference for the election or have a run-off at the annual conference.

On February 25, 2006 Blythe first ran against Simpson Miller.

At that time Simpson Miller was also challenged by Drs Peter Phillips and Omar Davies.

Three weeks ago at a PNP National Executive Council Meeting, Blythe had asked Simpson Miller to indicate a departure timetable.

IN PHOTO: Portia Simpson Miller speaks with Peter Bunting

However, Simpson Miller has not indicated when she intends to step down as PNP president.

A medical doctor, Blythe is also a former vice president of the PNP.

On Sunday, Manchester Central Peter Bunting announced that he would be standing down at this time in his bid to become president of the PNP.

"I don't want you to mistake a tactical pause for a retreat," Bunting said at the Manchester High School on Sunday as he announced that he would not be seeking nomination at this time.

Already, Dr Peter Phillips the St Andrew East Central MP had said he did not intend to run against Simpson Miller for president of the PNP.

Bunting, in announcing his decision to stand down said the party chairman Robert Pickersgill had met with him and asked him not to contest at this time saying doing so may affect the Opposition heading into a local government election.

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The PNP General Secretary has since said the PNP officer corps did not make such a request of Mr Bunting.