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More Room in the Ark

Published:Tuesday | July 19, 2016 | 12:00 AMCamille Williams
From left: Briana Schwapp; Simone Casserly, practising manager; Arlene Tibby; Steven Gregory; Dr Melisa Thompson; and Dr John Josephs, clinical director, pose with one of their patients inside a section of the new wing at the Noah’s Ark Veterinary Centre.
Dr John Josephs, clinical director of Noah's Ark Veterinary Centre, along Hope Road, St Andrew, spends some time with a patient before surgery.
Phase one of the addition is now complete and includes two more examination rooms and a state-of-the-art treatment area.

Noah's Ark Veterinary Centre, at 71A Hope Road, St Andrew, is expanding to meet a growing demand for space to treat and house pets.

Clinical Director Dr John Josephs said persons are becoming more aware of the importance of proper veterinary care and this has led to a rise in the need to provide it.

"I think that people are understanding that they want better care for their pets. They're becoming more knowledgeable, especially from the Internet. We feel that Jamaicans deserve the quality of care for their pets that is enjoyed anywhere in the world, and we think that pets are important for families," Dr Josephs told The Gleaner.

Dr Josephs said there is a fairly good level of veterinary care in the Corporate Area, but this is lacking in other areas of Jamaica. Noah's Ark has no immediate plans to venture into rural Jamaica. With phase one of their expansion now complete, there are plans for phase two, which will include more boarding space plus an increased retail space where pet owners can purchase pet food, supplies and accessories, Dr Josephs said.

"We find that veterinary care is sorely needed. The rest of the island really does suffer from lack of veterinary care and, unfortunately, often that opens the door for people who are not really veterinarians, 'quacks', to pose as veterinarians."




Dr Josephs said he hopes healthcare for animals will improve as more veterinarians become up-to-date. He added that the centre has taken, "a big leap forward" with its expansion.

The Noah's Ark Veterinary Centre has added two examination rooms, stainless-steel boarding and what Josephs called a state-of-the-art treatment area. This has allowed the centre to treat three patients simultaneously.

A dormitory has also been built, which will allow for an overnight nurse to monitor patients, if needed. Dr Josephs said this is unique because no other centre offers this service in Jamaica.

The centre also offers surgeries, vaccinations, blood-pressure monitoring, dentistry, X-rays, laboratory tests, grooming and a pet-cab service.

Dr Josephs founded the centre 14 years ago after spending more than 20 years at the Phoenix Veterinary Clinic in St Andrew.

The centre is seeking a good home for a female mixed-breed dog, Pooch, who was rescued off the streets.