Sun | Feb 25, 2018

St Thomas man who drove Pajero into sea to evade police freed

Published:Thursday | July 21, 2016 | 12:06 PM
Photo via Twitter. The Mitsubishi Pajero that ended up in the sea after the driver was chased by the police in St Thomas.

A St Thomas man who drove his Mitsubishi Pajero into the sea during a police chase last year, was freed when he appeared in the St Thomas Circuit Court yesterday. 

The incident happened last December during a police patrol along the Grants Pen main road in St Thomas.

The police ordered the driver Ramesh Simpson to stop the vehicle, but Simpson reportedly disobeyed the police and diverted on to Fish House Lane in the community.

A chase reportedly ensued and Simpson drove the vehicle into the sea. 

The police said an illegal Uzi submachine firearm and 16 rounds of ammunition were found when the Mitsubishi Pajero was pulled from the sea.

Simpson was arrested and charged for illegal possession of a firearm. 

His cousin who was a passenger in the vehicle was also arrested.

However, the two men were freed when they appeared in the St Thomas Circuit Court yesterday after the Crown offered no further evidence that the police recovered an illegal gun from the vehicle.