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From dancehall to living the gospel

Published:Thursday | July 21, 2016 | 12:54 PMCecelia Campbell-Livingston

Evangelist Mickell McKoy knows all about the lure of the dancehall. In fact, being the older brother of popular selector Ricky Trooper, at one point his whole world was focused on that realm.

That was his reality until one day when he was on his way home from a party. Driving alone in the early morning, listening to dancehall music, out of nowhere, a voice crept into his head.

"I heard a voice say, 'You know who's keeping you?'" he told Family and Religion. He said the question was repeated and something strange started happening to him.

"I started having this sense of overwhelming guilt in my heart. This feeling continued for about two weeks," he said.

When he could not take it anymore, he asked his neighbour, who was a Christian, if he could go to church with her.

She told him yes, but instead of going to church as he promised, he ended up at a party.

"Before, I used to enjoy myself there, but that night, it all seemed meaningless and distasteful. I left and went home feeling depressed and out of place," Mckoy shared.

The following Sunday, he was in church and requested to be baptised.


Fast-forward to 2016 and he is still holding true to his commitment. He is now an ordained evangelist delivering God's word through singing and the spoken word. He is also deep into outreach, especially in Africa (Uganda and South Africa).

"I have been sharing the word in Africa, involved in the feed the children campaign there and mobilising help for building houses," he said, adding that in another few weeks, he would again be heading to that continent for a three-week revival and two concerts.

"As someone who is born in Jamaica, I am now looking to start an outreach there, too. I am looking forward to giving back to my country," he said.

McKoy said his main motivation for what he does is the hunger that he has for souls to be saved.

A member of the Bethel Tabernacle Pentecostal Church in Boston, Massachusetts, he sings, preaches the gospel, and teaches Sunday school.

Through his Sunrise Productions, he has recorded songs such as Cross Over; Give Him Thanks; and now, his latest album, Working on A Building.

McKoy, who hails from St Mary, is a past student of the Richmond High School.