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JPS says it did not disconnect streetlights on Maxfield Avenue

Published:Tuesday | July 26, 2016 | 1:06 PM
In this file photo a member of the Jamaica Public Service maintenance crew member works on a dysfunctional street light on Hope Road in St Andrew.

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) says it’s dealing with another protest by residents of Maxfield Avenue in St Andrew who claim streetlights in their community were disconnected following the removal of illegal supply by the company.

However, in a release this morning, the JPS said it had not disconnected the streetlights.

It says four transformers to which illegal connections were attached were recently disconnected last Thursday.

The company says this followed extensive offers since December 2015 to assist in regularisation which would include free house wiring and recertification for 300 households.

JPS says all the streetlights in the area were working at the time of removal of the illegal connections.

But the company says the streetlights in the area have been programmed to shut down if there is any breach by illegal users to access the streetlights to supply power to their homes.

It says this is a protective measure that has been taken to prevent streetlights from being overloaded and destroyed by tampering.

The JPS says the streetlights will remain on, once there is no tampering.

However, the company says checks will be made to ensure that the streetlights are functioning properly.

The company says roughly 30 households in the community are still not legally connected.