Thu | Jan 18, 2018

Tax authorities clamp down on delinquents in Manchester, Clarendon

Published:Wednesday | July 27, 2016 | 8:23 PM
Taxpayers join queues to pay their debts

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) is reporting that several Manchester taxpayers who were recently cited as delinquents have now paid up their arrears while others are before the courts.

The TAJ's Special Enforcement Team and the police recently conducted operations in Manchester and Clarendon to recover more than $13 million in taxes.

The TAJ says arising from its clamp down, business operators Bunny Rose, Vaughn Fletcher, Tyrone Hartley, and Sydney McPherson have cleared their education tax debts.

Rose, Hartley and McPherson have also paid up outstanding income tax.

In the meantime, the TAJ says warrants of disobedience have been served on Ian Myers, Wengsheng Su, Winston Russell, Donna Lyn, Martin Lilly and Robert Taylor who were all hauled to court for failing to attend an earlier hearing.

The taxpayers were all subsequently offered bail.

The TAJ is warning that it will be increasing its enforcement activities against chronically delinquent taxpayers through a raft of measures under the Tax Collection Act.

The measures include the seizure of assets and garnishment to recover outstanding taxes.

The TAJ says indebted taxpayers should engage it's officers in discussion as robust enforcement action will follow once all means to collect the outstanding amounts have been exhausted.