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Summer school inspires in Bog Walk

Published:Thursday | July 28, 2016 | 12:00 AMRuddy Mathison
Volunteer teacher Carlene Jarrett (centre) shares a story with students of the summer school.

True United Sisters, a non-profit organisation in Bog Walk, St Catherine, has initiated a three-week summer school programme aimed at benefiting students from the community.

Founder Karen Sidu told Rural Xpress that the organisation's focus has been on its signature back-to-school project, where students are given assistance to prepare them for school.

"In keeping with our primary objective of promoting education, we initiated this summer school programme to benefit students from age five to 14 who live in the Bog Walk area," she said.

"Interest in the programme was very high from the start; 25 students started out, the number settled at 21 during the preceding weeks," said Sidu.

According to her, the students were not only exposed to academics, but other areas such as performing arts, public speaking, art and craft.

"Our objective was to ensure that the students who participated, most of whom were successful in their GSAT (Grade Six Achievement Test), get a head start when they start high school in September," noted Sidu.

"We had the services of three trained teachers, one of whom is a retired vice principal to ensure that the various subject matters were imparted in a professional way."

Sidu added that the measure of success was the overwhelming positive response of the students who demonstrated that they had a clearer knowledge of the various subject areas, as well as the deep interest of the parents.

Jowayne Hamilton, 11, who will be starting high school in September said he has learnt a lot at the summer school.

"I have a clearer understanding of some subject areas that will help me when I start high school in September," he told Rural Xpress.

Livetta Minolta, the self-employed guardian of five-year-old Marvin Edwards and 11-year-old Daville Grant who was recently placed at Dinthill Technical High School, said both boys were excited about the summer school.

"My five-year-old takes out his clothes each night to ensure that he is not late for summer school the next morning," Minolta shared.

Sidu disclosed that True United Sisters is also involved in an after-school programme where students are given assistance with home work, reading, spelling and comprehension skills.

She said the organisation will celebrate its 11th year of operation with a special church service scheduled for July 31 at the Bethel Baptist Church in Bog walk.