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Building community - the wealthy countries and the war against peace

Published:Friday | July 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Can't we see that at the heart of this violence is lack of obedience to God's commands? Can't we understand that the law of God is the only fitting foundation for an island of peace? Don't we grasp that the politicians and powers that be - the laws of our island, the policies of law-makers - have no foundation unless it be built on the commands of God?

Change! Change! Change! Change! That's the slogan that has ruled the world, issuing from the United States of America, since the 1960's. There is the manufacture and merchandising of guns imported from the USA in a tradeoff for drugs, there are over-sexualised clothes, media, Internet, and immoral principles enforced on us, which destroys the clear demands for purity in Christianity. We destroy our civilisation by Change! Change! Change! Change!

The gun culture of America and the sexual liberalisation exhibited in the USA have minimised Christian culture and borne terrible consequences for Jamaica and other countries. It has destabilised communities, including the USA itself and worldwide; Jamaica being a very clear example. And so it is that guns are as commonplace as are toys.

Dwight Gillespie and Horace Gillespie were murdered in the South Side, the former on November 29, 2015 and the latter July 6, 2016. The poor mother, Lorraine, 55 years old, has lost two of her sons. The murder took place on Fleet Street, and Highholborn Street. Is there any connection between USA's violence and sexualisation?

"What happened, Lorraine? How were they gunned down?" "Dwight's friends turned against him." The tears rolled down her cheeks. "They were good friends up to last year. But suddenly, dem start quarrel. Me no know if is woman business or money business." Lorraine began to beat her chest and stomp her feet. "Why? Why? Why? Why? Is him own bredda who shoot him! Dem have too much guns and dem always quarrel bout woman."


Faith Center


I asked Lorraine questions. She answers, "I will have to take care of the children. Him have 4 pickney, one in a Spanish Town, one in a August Town, one in a Devon Pen, one in a Fleet Street. Me have two half-time job. Me is 55 years old, but me still strong. The rest of the time me and the four girl pickney go and volunteer over Faith Center with de bredda dem. Den me go down to Highholborn Street and pray at Mass on Sunday."

Guns and freedom of sexual activity, shipped out from the advanced countries, are mandated by the wealthy countries.

Death and sex are in a close partnership, wrought by godless countries, to impose its culture of death. For instance, 50 per cent of US products are weaponry, guns, military uses - armaments, all for the cause of war and death. Needless to say, England, Germany, Japan and China are well armed in the name of defence. But defence really is offence; it threatens. But how can there be production of billions of dollars of guns and warheads and not use them? This can only bring forth enemies, anger, fear, terror, and finally, hatred.

But at the root of society, there it is - the guns and the bullets among those who are angry and violent. Somebody paid for them, legally or illegally.

As one prominent and respectable lawmaker told me, "Guns are being shipped from America to Jamaica in exchange for drugs" And so Lorraine's two sons were murdered. On the local level, it is the gunmen and drug dealers in South Side who are to be blamed. But on the grand scale, and in the eyes of God, isn't the multi-billionaire budgets and producers of guns like the US, the wealthiest European nations, Japan and China going to be held accountable to God?




On the matter of sex, which can spawn so many accidental children. Isn't it caused by the freedom and licentiousness of our over-sexualised country? See the pictures in the paper media, TV, the Internet, the social media? Where does it come from? The modern, Americanised Jamaicans mock all others as old-fashioned, and irrelevant. The practices imposed on Jamaica by the European Union now and USAID are all tied with over-sexualisation. Abortion, gay marriages, transvestite options, sex without marriage, casinos, legalised prostitution - the modern youth and ghetto children simply accept it all as 'style', 'change', 'fashion', with no hope of self-critical analysis.

Lorraine's four children were born of one man.

"Me leave him because him have a bag full of woman". And her daughter has four children. Dem na go school, but only sometime." Dwight, her first son who died, had four children and four babymothers. Horace, who got six shots in his head, had three different babymothers.

Is this Government brave enough to lose popularity by imposing a law of the land which Christian morality requires? Will fornication be controlled even as we press for family life? Perhaps such a government would not lose popularity.

Surely, family life is the foundation of community, and Christ is the foundation and root of unity and community that must be in Jamaica and the world.