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RJR family celebrates long, dedicated service

Published:Friday | July 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Lester Spaulding (third left), chairman of the RJR Group, who has been with the company for 51 years, poses with awardees who served over 40 years. From left: Alan Magnus, Merle Jennifer Lyons, Norma Brown, Jeffery Brown and Ralston McKenzie. The occasion was the RJR 94 FM's 66TH Anniversary Long Service Awards luncheon at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston on Monday
Recipients at the RJR 94 FM's 66TH Anniversary Long Service Awards luncheon at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston on Monday

Several members of the Radio Jamaica (RJR) family were recognised for their years of service to the company, including chairman Lester Spaulding, who has served for 51 years.

In an interview with The Gleaner following the ceremony which was held at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston on Monday, Spaulding said that it was important that leaders think globally in order to meet the growing demands on the international market.

"I didn't realise or remember that at this point I was the longest-serving member in Radio Jamaica; I believe that is very significant. The greatest satisfaction I have today is my having the capability to be here for this long and being able to contribute to the growth of the company; not just what we do every single day to make it better, but the transformative aspect," he declared.

The chairman had some words of advice for young journalists.

"A great number of young people feel that having gone to university, that makes them into the greatest thing; but I will say to them, forget the shortcut. There is an art that you hone, whether it's electronic or print, as a journalist," Spaulding said.




Ralston McKenzie, who was recognised for his 46 years at RJR and is known for the programme Sunday Contact, said his many years of service on radio has created a valuable platform to assist persons.

"I just enjoy helping to make people happier. Life is striving to overcome the difficulties, to find happiness and fulfilment, and the radio assists me to reach people in this way. Each Sunday that I do the programme, there are lots of stories that come back telling of the success in making that link possible," McKenzie shared with pride.

"When you are recognised for having served your company for a sustained period of time, it gives you a sense of gratitude and well-being. I feel really good inside, it's like another milestone, as it were, in my life."

Other persons recognised for over 40 years of service include Jeffery Brown, Norma Brown Bell, Jennifer Merle Lyons and Alan Magnus.

Some of the noteworthy awardees in the over 20-year category were Dionne Jackson Miller, Colin Hines and Clinton McGregor. While among those awarded for over 30 years of service were Doraine Samuels-Binger, Barbara Gloudon and Derrick Wilks.