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Steve Lyston | Search the garbage

Published:Thursday | July 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM
A no-dumping sign on Elletson Road in Kingston is surrounded by garbage.

Often, when plans, ideas or suggestions are made by some within the society, many quickly label what they don't understand as garbage. The greatest value is often found in the garbage, the dump, the reject pile. In some countries, it is almost impossible to get a job on a garbage truck as a collector. The greatest problem we have in society is that it is so set up that we are quick to throw some valuable things into the dump. Society needs to have more recycling hubs than they do garbage heaps. What I am speaking of is two-fold. I am speaking of the literal garbage and the human beings who are pushed aside and ignored. It is said that 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'. If society is going to change, then we are going to need to get our hands dirty by sorting through the garbage.

There are some expensive and antique furniture, valuable equipment and useful scrap items that can be found in the garbage and scrap yards. There are even some machines that are in use today that companies have stopped manufacturing but are still useful; and the parts can only be found in the scrap yards!

Jesus showed us the importance of what we consider as waste, fragments or crumbs in the parable of the five loaves and two fish, that for proper management of your economy with the small resources, there is greater value within the crumbs even after distribution takes place. After distributing the loaves and fish, the team collected 12 baskets of crumbs. The number 12 signifies government.

A nation will never realise its full potential unless we start to pick up the crumbs instead of trampling on them. Focusing on large investors to restore an economy will only bring the nation further into problems and greater debt. Focus on what we call 'crumbs' will bring greater benefit.




Very shortly, the greatest place for investment in the garbage dump; and the greatest revival in terms of bringing solutions and change to a nation will come out of people who are labelled as such by society. In many countries, the garbage dump provides employment for some.

Every area of society is important. I have always said that governments often fail because they try to associate themselves with like-minded people only, or people they consider specialists in a particular area who are failing.

Many investors tend to look only within the upper echelon of the community. But those within the communities which are run-down and are falling apart will bring greater return on investment. There are ancient relics and discarded but valuable items within the dump.

When God is going to restore a society, he raises up/deals with the dump first. If the dump was not a place of value, why would scrap metal be so expensive? Scrap brings new business! Even solutions that people have received to bring change - that may not fit within society's textbook formats and diagrams - have been rejected, and the problems continue. If leaders would revisit their dumps, they would be surprised at what they would find.

Every household, organisation or nation must have a proper storage or dump site to place what they consider to be junk or trash. Take time out to carefully search that site from time to time; you would be surprised to see what you find. You might find gold, antiques, paintings, silver, letters, articles and other items of great value that you never realised you had. Maybe some of the things you find will stop you from spending/wasting money trying to find something new or from re-inventing the wheel because what you needed was already there in the dump.

If each person starts from within their household, to see what items of value they possess, they would be surprised. Nations can only go forward if they begin to search the dump and see what value they can find in the garbage that can help to move the nation forward.

There is a famine coming, and only those who are willing to search and embrace the garbage and see the value within it will be able to bring change.