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FLOW to hike prices for some phone and Internet packages

Published:Tuesday | August 2, 2016 | 4:49 PM

Telecommunications company, FLOW, says it will increase the prices for some of its Internet and phone packages as of September 1.

In a newspaper advertisement today, the company said the price adjustment will impact its 'Browse & Talk' service.

It did not say why the rates were being increased.

The Browse & Talk Ignite and Browse & Talk Super services face the largest increase.

The ignite package will be increased by about 16 per cent, moving from $3,050 to $3,550.

Meanwhile, customers who subscribe to the Browse & Talk Super will pay 12 per cent more for the service.

The new price for that package will be $4,550, up from $4,050.


Browse & Talk Mega Plus $2,750 (old price) to $2,950 (new price)

Browse & Talk Mega Extreme $3,550 (old price) to $3,750 (new price)

Browse & Talk Plus $2,750 (old price) to $2,950 (new price)

Browse & Talk Plus (12MB) $3,550 (old price) to $3,750 (new price)

FLOW says the new prices do not include general consumption tax.

Meanwhile, FLOW says as of September one, it will adjust the rates for the Horizon from Flow and Legacy cable packages.

However, the company said "costs for all bundled packages will remain the same".