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Fae Ellington: Bishop Edwards raises good point about Coat of Arms

Published:Friday | August 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Fae Ellington

At least one cultural ambassador has stated that Jamaicans should not be quick to dismiss Bishop Rowan Edwards' suggestion that there should be changes to one of Jamaica's national symbols, the Coat of Arms.

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Edwards said Jamaica should not have a Coat of Arms with the image of a crocodile adding that there are several other symbols that can be used instead.

Veteran media personality Fae Ellington says it should be seen as an opportunity to have a discussion about the relevance of the images that make up the national emblem.


Veteran Media personality Fae Ellington

She says Edwards' view should not be tossed out as Jamaicans have raised similar issues which have resulted in changes to national emblems in the past.

Ellington pointed to the meaning of the colours of the Jamaican flag which was officially changed less than ten years ago because of a similar view that it was not a true representation of the spirit of the Jamaican people.