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Recycler calls for bottle deposit legislation

Published:Monday | August 8, 2016 | 9:41 AM
Plastic bottles.

At least one recycling advocate is calling for the government to implement a bottle deposit law which would tax consumers for each plastic container.

Managing Director of Jamaica Recycles, Rohan Brown, says a bottle deposit law would create economic activity for many Jamaicans and would help to rid the country of the plastic containers which are blocking drains and harming the environment.

Brown says the government could create a fund which would collect the tax for the use of plastic containers and also pay consumers who return used plastic containers to recyclers across the island.

He says charging a tax for plastic containers would act as a deterrent to improper disposal while the possibility of a refund for the receptacles would encourage people to get them off the streets.


Managing Director of Jamaica Recycles, Rohan Brown

The issue of recycling plastics was reignited last week following heavy rains associated with the passage of Tropical Storm Earl that left flooding in Montego Bay because of blocked drains.

Earlier this year, president of Generation 2000, the young professional arm of the Jamaica Labour Party Senator Matthew Samuda called for the government to place a ban on the importation of some plastic bags and styrofoam containers. 

Samuda said this would encourage local producers to make reusable bags which last longer and are environmentally friendly.

Guyana this year declared a ban on the importation of styrofoam and said the government was considering tax incentives for importers interested in bringing alternatives.