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Priest: US Embassy's Pride Week tribute is the least of Ja's problems

Published:Tuesday | August 9, 2016 | 2:12 PM
The United States embassy in Kingston lights up in the rainbow colours in recognition of PRiDE Week. - Contributed photo

Anglican Priest, Father Sean Major-Campbell, says it’s embarrassing that Christians fail to speak on issues they should while finding the time to protest the United States Embassy’s decision to light up its building in the rainbow colours.

The rainbow colours are used as a symbol of pride by the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender community.

On Thursday, the US embassy lit its building in the colours in recognition of Pride Week in Jamaica.

On Independence Day several Jamaicans protested the move in front of the embassy, claiming the embassy was seeking to push a homosexual agenda in Jamaica.

However, Father Major-Campbell says Christians are worried by a non-existent threat while ignoring the real threats to Jamaican society.

IN PHOTO: Father Sean Major-Campbell

He points to the issues surrounding misuse of power by the police, homelessness, spousal and child abuse and other human rights issues facing Jamaica, which he says the Church is not speaking out about.

The Anglican priest says the position of some churches is uninformed and creates division.


Anglican Priest, Father Sean Major-Campbell

Father Major-Campbell says human rights must supersede all other concerns.


Anglican Priest, Father Sean Major-Campbell

Father Sean Major-Campbell was criticised in 2014 for his decision to openly embrace and show love to members of the lesbian, gay and transgender community during service at the Christ Church in Vineyard Town, Kingston, in 2014.

Members of the congregation said they felt betrayed by their spiritual leader, who washed the feet of two lesbians and subsequently allowed a testimonial from a transgender individual.