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Aron Skyers: Remaining steadfast in the Almighty

Published:Saturday | August 13, 2016 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis
Aron Skyers, Christian extraordinaire with members of his family.


Life has not always been easy for Aaron Skyers, an elder at Boundbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church, who is a living testimony to the truth and belief that God takes care of his own.

Skyers, who joined the Seventh-day Adventist family approximately 22 years ago, is better known for his honesty and ability to diffuse tensions among church members- even when situations threaten to escalate. His ability to handle tension and dispute resolution is probably unmatched, and as such, has attracted admiration from those knowing about his special God-given talent.

"I always try to maintain a calm and relax mood. By doing so, I can think through whatever situation clearly. One has to know Jesus Christ, so as to maintain an un-biased approach towards settling disputes, even when your best friend or a family member is involved. My connection with Jesus is stronger than before, and through prayer, Christ has trimmed the rough edges off me and I am somewhat transformed into a better individual - more caring and truthful," Skyers added.

The church elder, who is also heavily focused on his family, comprising wife and three children, also boasted about his role as a father in the home- having to prepare meals at regular intervals to satisfy the crave of his loved ones. And even though Skyers has stopped eating meat more than five years ago, he still takes time out to prepare a sumptuous chicken meals for his family, who have not yet adopted to that lifestyle change.

Skyers, who recounted that there were days when he simply didn't know where the money was coming from to send his children to school or to provide a meal for the family is adamant that it is only as a result of his faith and good relationship with Jesus Christ that has allowed him to come this far.

He noted that through prayer and fasting, the blessings continue to flow spiritually, financially, mentally, socially, and economically, which oftentimes bring tears to his eyes, as there were times when he had serious doubts about getting a favourable response from his maker and king.

Continuing Skyers said: "God is my provider and I will never beg for bread. Time and time again God has delivered me and my family, even when we too had doubts about him pulling us through. He is an on time God who takes care of his own. I can't even remember the last time that I have whispered a harsh or unkind word to a church member. Getting to know Jesus Christ has really changed me so much. Christ can do for you far more than he has done for me. Just trust in him".