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Leighton Powell spreading the good news through R12 Ministry

Published:Saturday | August 13, 2016 | 11:14 PM
Powell strongly believes in planting good deeds here on earth in order to reap the heavenly reward.

Leighton Powell is the director and founder of The Romans 12 Bible Studies and Prayer Ministry based in Kingston. Originally a Whatsapp Bible study group, he later adopted the Romans 12 name simply after listening to a radio programme rooted in the Romans 12 Bible scripture. Leighton says he has always been actively involved in church and ministerial work as he strongly believes in planting good deeds here on earth in order to reap the heavenly reward.

"I have a passion and love for ministry: I love to share the good news of Salvation and I am a lover of the word of God. I truly believe in being a practical Christian, who helps others and not seeking anything in return," he said.

Raised in the Top Alston Full Truth Church of God in Clarendon, by his Christian parents, Leighton was already destined to venture into ministry. With a deacon father and a missionary mother, the foundation was set for him to start working on his heaven-bound journey very early.

"At 11 years old while in grade 5 at primary school, I decided to get baptised. Since I embraced Christ I've encountered major challenges, including peer pressure, and as a teen I wanted to have my own way: but my parents wouldn't allow it" he said.

"The roughest time of my life, yet, came while I was in fourth form at high school. I went through a really traumatic experience and was neglected by family members and close friends, but I know for sure that it was only the Grace of that God kept me going. I went through emotional stress; I was withdrawn and lonely, but God showed up. I have proved God to be real over and over. I went through all kinds of abuse during that period of my life and it's something I wouldn't want to relive," he shared with Family & Religion.

"However, the best thing about my Christian journey is that I am able to reach many people with the gospel through my ministry, both locally and internationally," he said adding that he uses social media as a tool to preach the good news of the gospel.

Leighton and the 40-member strong R12 Ministry is actively seeking sponsorship to continue the practical transformation of lives from sin to grace through outreach and charitable evangelism. It is a registered entity on a mission to win souls for the kingdom by sharing the good news of salvation, encouraging them to repent and live for Christ.

"We also assist in rebuilding homes and rehabilitating lives. We also visit patients in hospitals as well as shut-ins and pray for them. The very core of our existence is to reach as many souls as we can in whatever way we can," he