Mon | Jan 22, 2018

Health Ministry continues Zika Virus Intervention

Published:Monday | August 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Minister of Health Dr Christopher Tufton

The Ministry of Health (MOH) will continue its drive to strengthen its community intervention as part of its Phase Two response to the Zika threat. A community meeting was held last Friday at the Country Pride Supermarket parking lot in St Ann.

The meetings, which began in July, are geared toward strengthening public education and achieving behavioural change with respect to the reduction of Aedes aegypti mosquito-breeding sites in and around the home.

They also stress the need for individual responsibility to reduce the impact of the Zika virus. The format included a panel of technical experts from the Ministry of Health and regional health authorities, who facilitated discussion on Zika-related issues as well as respond to questions from residents.


Minister of Health Dr Christopher Tufton said, "These community meetings will provide updates on Zika and give residents the opportunity to get more clarification on any issue related to the virus as we move to reinforce the need for individual responsibility."

In light of the potential health risks associated with pregnancy and Zika, special emphasis will be placed on the importance of prevention of the infection in pregnant women.

The first meeting was held on July 21 at the Sandy Bank Primary School in St Elizabeth.

Individuals who wish to obtain more information may call the Ministry of Health or the nearest health centre. Persons may also visit the MOH website at and like and follow on;; and