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UTASP, Caymanas Track Ltd dispute heads to Labour Ministry

Published:Friday | August 19, 2016 | 12:46 PM

The Labour Ministry is set to hold a meeting in an attempt to resolve a dispute between the managers of Caymanas Park Limited and the union representing over 20 disgruntled workers from the engineering department.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at one o'clock and will be attended by members of Caymanas Track Limited and the Union of Technical, Administrative and Supervisory Personnel (UTASP).

The dispute started last Thursday when workers from the Engineering Department of Caymanas Park in St Catherine reportedly took industrial action over issues relating to trainee workers who were assigned to their department. 

However, the managers of Caymanas Park later issued a statement saying the issue with the workers stemmed from the disappearance of critical files from the engineering department.

The impasse led to the cancellation of last Saturday's race meet at Caymanas Park.

General Secretary of UTASP, St Patrice Ennis says the allegations of missing files from the engineering department are not true.

He is claiming it's being used as a ploy by the management to dismiss the workers. 

He says over 20 workers who were involved in the dispute with the managers were subsequently issued with letters of indefinite suspension.


General Secretary of UTASP, St Patrice Ennis

Ennis claims that new workers were hired a day after the employees he represents were sent home.


General Secretary of UTASP, St. Patrice Ennis

Ennis says the workers hope the labour ministry will instruct that the workers be re-employed as their dismissal from Caymanas Park was unjust.