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Cooking up something good

Published:Saturday | August 20, 2016 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis
Rowena Beckford
Rowena Beckford's establishment

Rowena Beckford, a senior elder at Boundbrook Seventh-Day Adventist Church, prepares healthy food for persons making a lifestyle change, as she seeks to heal their bodies as they work on healing their souls.

Beckford, who is also a vegetarian, is best known for her ability to prepare tasty, healthy meals comprising vegetables, fruits, legumes, staples, nuts, grains, fish and peas.

"God has given us a variety of food and herbs that can heal the body of sickness and disease," said Beckford.

"But while most persons are aware of this, they simply lack self-discipline and have instead indulged in eating just about everything, including large portions of meat, too much fried food, alcohol, sugar, salt, and excess carbohydrates. This has to stop, and it is time for us to consume the type of food that will heal the body, rather than to destroy it. Vegetables should be the largest portion in one's plate, accompanied by small portions of food from the basic food groups," she added.

According to Beckford, who also takes time out to share the Gospel with those dining at her restaurant - Becky's Eatery - food containing protein, starch, carbohydrates, sodium, and fat should make up the smaller portion of one's plate at meal-time. Daily intake of large portions of vegetables is highly recommended as it preserve one's health.

Becky's Eatery is centrally located between Bryan's Bay and Boundbrook in Port Antonio, along the coast and near to a fishing village.

Beckford explained that her religious belief and close connection with Jesus Christ are what prompted her to open a health-food restaurant, so as to offer persons an opportunity to adapt easily to certain health and lifestyle changes.


Although Beckford has placed a lot of emphasis on preparing healthy food and natural juices, her daily menu often includes a small portion of chicken, which is done to appease those not yet fully adapted to the lifestyle change.

Beckford said: "It is not all about providing healthy meals to persons, but also to share the love of Jesus Christ with them. The Gospel has to be preached throughout the world, and I am doing my part. I also prepare porridge in various ways, including plantain, hominy, corn, and peanut. Your health is your wealth, and it is important to eat a balanced meal at all times. If we are not careful, the food that we eat will do more harm than good to our bodies."