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Finding true love

Published:Saturday | August 20, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
The couple and their wedding party strike a pose.
The Browns on their wedding day.
The Browns and their wedding party at Laughing Waters in Ocho Rios, St Ann.

He tended to hundreds of individuals daily as a student worker at the library of the university he attended and maintained the best qualities of a customer service representative. However, it took one special lady to steal his heart and receive his full admiration.

Five years later, Zeco Brown signalled his plan to keep Roxanne Crawford in his life.

"I would usually see her around campus, especially at the gaming lounge of the university because she loved dominoes and still does. She is probably one of the best players I know. The first time we exchanged words, I was working at the university library at the security post, where I would check the books of students leaving. Fortunately for me, she was leaving one evening and I checked her book, and that was the beginning," said Brown.

"We spoke and she promised me a gospel CD and she kept her promise. For me, the CD was important, but the fact that she actually went home and thought about me and brought the CD for me meant something. However, we only became friends at that point."

It was not until two years later that the two got into a relationship. Brown recalled the precise date and time that Crawford decided she wanted this as well.

"It was on November 6, 2010 at 1:05 a.m. I can even remember two weeks, prior to the date mentioned, I posed the question: 'Roxanne Crawford I want to enter a relationship with you'. Her reply was 'I have to think about it'. In my mind I was saying 'really, Roxanne?'. Nevertheless, I waited for the two weeks and the rest is history."

Brown, who now works as the recruitment coordinator for the southwest region of the HEART Trust/NTA, said he fell in love with Crawford, a medical representative for Indus Life Sciences, as a result of her outer and inner beauty.

"My wife is a beautiful woman. Sometimes I think the person who came up with the term Coca-cola bottle shape saw her first then coined the term. Besides her external features, she is a go-getter; she dreams big, she does not care what other people think about her. She fights for success under pressure instead of cracking up. What stood out the most is that she was a dedicated Christian young lady. We have been in positions where financially, things were tough, but through thick and thin we have held it down."

Crawford revealed that though she hesitated when Brown asked to be with her, she was very much interested in being a part of his life.

"I remember one day while Zeco was conversing with his colleague at the library and taking my bag at the same time, he said, 'my wife has to be the most beautiful woman in the world.' He proceeded to give me a ticket in exchange for my bag, and I gasped with the most unusual feeling that I've never felt before, and that experience got me thinking about Zeco all day. Strangely, some part of me wanted to be that woman," said Crawford.

In addition to having been told that a place they normally sat while on campus created many couples, Crawford knew that something special would happen between them. They both had a passion for doing music and uplifting young people through the church.

Contrary to the expectations of many, the two waited until it was the right time in their eyes to become one. And what a ceremony it was.

"The wedding was the most beautiful sand-and-sea experience. We had the wedding at Laughing Waters, Ocho Rios with a pink and silver scheme. We had a fairly big wedding with around 200 guests, and it was mostly family and extremely close friends. We had the ceremony on the beach and the reception on the lawns of the property. We took many pictures in a waterfall that was on the property. It was definitely a Caribbean dream wedding," said Brown.