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Gleaner Facebook comments

Published:Saturday | August 20, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Gleaner Facebook comments


Everton Gordon: "When God anointed you for a purpose no evil, no tongues of the devil or demon can stop you, so run with God and he will run for you."

Grace Young: "I said this before and now I will say it again: 'For God so love Jamaica he gave us Usain Bolt' ... We are Truly Grateful ... May his goodness and mercy continue to follow him."

Shelley Dansiger: "A sporting Legend & true sporting Great along with Pele & Mohammed Ali. Usain Bolt we will never see another track star like you. A true, true Champion. Athletics will be at a loss without you."

NaturallyCharmn Denise: Mr Bolt I salute you Sir!!! You retiring after such showmanship is bittersweet. However, if such is your final decision, I expect to see in the future little 'flashes' gracing us in the world of Track & Field. One Love!"

Irene Raphael: "God bless you lightening Bolt you have made all Jamaicans very proud, both home and abroad. Thank's for your leadership towards the Youths, blessing."

Donna Anderson: "A legend in my life time and I am proud to have witness it. The whole team did amazing, so proud of Jamaica they jus keep getting better n better."

MCLEOD's gold-medal win

Connie Hamilton: "He ran them perfect ... he took them to school too ... great flawless form."

Marie Taylor: "This was so impressive. Congratulations."

June Martinez: "So proud of him."

Sunshine Samantha James: "Well done Omar."

Muffet Harrison: "Congratulations Omar."

Elaine's sprint double

Sweetpea Natalie Thomas: "Yes Elaine yuh mek mi feel proud yah now like some hot dumpling an butter. ... #onelove!"

Donna Clarke: "Banana ground to the world congrats Elaine ur time fi shine."

Dora Philips: "Elaine a you a beat dem bad. Mi love your conviction and your determination to just tek down anything run in a you lane. Nuh matter if dem have experience or such it like. Congrats on you double determination to put Ja back again in an all inclusive spot. To all the rest of the athletes congrats on making our little island proud. One love Ja."

Joan Merine Stewart: Go Elaine ... I like your sprit ... You are a true fighter ... True Jamaican warrior ..... You stand tall girl .... Thumbs up to you for this great achievement. ... Proud of you.