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Steve Lyston | 'Take care of the poor!'

Published:Saturday | August 20, 2016 | 12:08 AM

Taking care of the poor is not as difficult as it may seem, especially when everyone contributes. The society would be much better. The main reason God allows us to be blessed is to be a blessing to others. Surprisingly, people treat their animals better than they do others. US statistics reveal that in 2015, US$60.25 billion were spent on pets; and it is estimated that another US$62.75 billion will be spent on pets in this year.

There are many people who have a lot of things in their possessions and they could either sell it or give them away.

Going through hardships/hard times can happen to anyone. It just takes one accident, one bad decision, a health issue or some other social injustice to occur and you may find yourself on the street.

General homelessness statistics reveal that 643,067 people experience homelessness on any given night. most of them are in families which include veterans and persons with disabilities. Not much protection is given to those who rent homes or persons who have lost their jobs. Many, in trying to start over, rent a home, but it is more difficult for a person to rent a home than it is to own one. Some are required to give two months' deposits plus security; plus an amount for background checks without a guarantee that you will get the money back if things don't work out. Some even ask for a salary that is three times the monthly rental.

Evictions have skyrocketed and the media keep silent. So many people are living out of their vehicles. Some are paying a lot in storage costs, and if they miss one or two payments, then their things are auctioned and sold off. Then it perpetuates a cycle that is difficult to break. Then families break up and it affects the schooling of the children and even affects them emotionally.

There are many things both local and global leaders can do to reduce poverty and homelessness.

There are many government buildings that are wasted, and many of them can be turned into transitional homes which will get people back on their feet.

Countries can reduce their sales and consumption taxes. The United States can reduce theirs across the board to four per cent, and Jamaica's general consumption tax to 12 per cent.

Look at creating an agricultural policy while giving all those not working grain and tools to farm.

Have a more creative way to carry out our farming. Get into schools and the universities and have them as part of the whole project. This will create employment and reduce poverty. Food, water, health and shelter are the most important things. For every administration to be successful, they must focus on the poor and their plight.

Politicians must stop their hypocrisy towards the poor. They cannot continue to use their charm to manipulate these persons to get their votes, and go back on those promises when the campaigns have ended. They continue to ignore the 'rejects', who should be respected. There needs to be a programme created whereby each politician will stay within the households of persons who are poor for one month to better understand the struggles faced on a day-to-day basis, and the persons of these households will automatically take on the rich lifestyles.




The result of this is that the politicians will realise the desperate need to be totally out of poverty, and the poor will realise the reasons the politicians hold on to their types of lifestyles. This concept will change their lives for the better - will cause them to be humble to everyone and not looking down on anyone.

The poor need to be more educated about their country's political system and the roles that the poor play.

The church leaders, especially globally, need to show more compassion towards the poor through the assistance of donating cash, meals, apparel. Persons with disabilities would be given free assistance - especially with motorised wheelchairs and free canes for the blind.

Each hospital representing its community need to have volunteers go into the homes to see the needs and setting up payment plans for services rendered.

Nations also need to develop the raw talents and pump more money into development of these talents, because that is where the glory and the recognition of the nation can take place. Rio 2016 reminds us of that! More can rise if they have the support to rise.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.