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Guardian Life Issues Challenge to Parents

Published:Monday | August 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Eric Hosin (centre), president of Guardian Life, poses with Guardian Life GSAT scholarship winners at the company’s scholarship awards ceremony in New Kingston on Wednesday, August 17.

Though it was an event solely for students who were successful in their Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), Eric Hosin, president of Guardian Life Limited, used the opportunity to challenge parents to be involved in their children's lives as they prepared for the new academic year in September.

Speaking during a scholarship awards ceremony hosted by Guardian Life at the company's head offices in New Kingston, Hosin said too many parents ignored their children's secondary-level studies.

"We want our children to remember the core values. We (parents) want them to be honest, but the thing is that we allow them to be dishonest at home. They take siblings' things without asking, and we might shrug it off, but the reality is that we are allowing them to be of this frame of mind - that they can take things without asking," he said.

"No matter how you want to talk about 'borrowing', it is actually stealing. That is where those habits are cultivated, those small things. I encourage parents to be a part of their children's life. So many young children have gone astray because parents just abandon them. When you (children) were in preparatory and primary schools, parents were, more supportive, but all of a sudden, it's almost as if we leave them on their own during high school," he continued.

Ten students received scholarships valued at $250,000 each. Included in the 10 were the top boy, George Adams, and top girl, Timauri-Lee Carby, who both will be moving on to Campion College in St Andrew. Twenty-two other students received grants. Carby who received a 98.4 average, recounted the sacrifices made.


"As I stand here, I reflect on the hard work I put in for GSAT. There are many persons behind my success, but I would like to specially thank my biological family. My mother gave wholeheartedly and made many sacrifices, and my father supported me in addition to quizzing me regularly from the curriculum," she told the gathering.

Adams said that he was honoured to be recognised as the journey presented its fair share of challenges.

"It was not easy for us to make the sacrifices and give up some of real game time to study. Three years of information covered in four exams, a total of 280 multiple choice questions, and the dreaded Communication Task, but we did it," he said.