Sun | Jan 21, 2018

Robotics Camp Transforming Lives

Published:Monday | August 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Brian George, president & CEO of Supreme Ventures (right), and Marvin Hall, head of Halls of Learning and lead lecturer for Supreme Ventures Limited’s Junior Creators Camp, pose for the camera on the first day of camp.

"IThink IBuild IPlay Smart" is the tagline for the Supreme Ventures Limited Junior Creators Summer Camp, which started on August 8 and catered to students from 10 Corporate Area primary schools.

Each student, aged between eight and 11 years old, benefitted from the invaluable tools and information disseminated during the two-week LEGO and Robotics camp at Fundaciones (El Centro), Hillcrest Avenue, Kingston.

"As mechanisation has become the 21st-century way of life, the field of robotics is now experiencing a significant boom. Robots in all of their sizes, shapes, and levels of complexity are now commonplace to everyday life. We wanted to break it down to basics for the campers, and they were engaged and excited to get the hands-on experience from the start," said Simone Clarke-Cooper, assistant vice-president, group corporate communication at Supreme Ventures. Clarke-Cooper said the camp underscores Supreme Venture's continued demonstration of its commitment to good corporate citizenship, and the company has a deep-rooted desire to see the nation grow and excels by aiding national youth development.

The robotics and Lego programme empowers the younger generation with technological insight and the skills necessary to tackle various problems.

"The camp was very successful, and we are beyond proud of how the students have engaged in the activities that they were given. They learnt so much about science, technology, and innovation, and also about life lessons like problem solving and working together. We made sure to reward them for the hard work and determination in completing the various tasks given to them," noted Clarke-Cooper.