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Nicole Durrant – from con woman to sold-out Christian

Published:Thursday | August 25, 2016 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell Livingston
Nicole Durrant speaks of her Christian journey.

Today, Nicole Durrant is totally sold out to Christ as she cherishes the relationship she now has with Him.

"My relationship with Christ is that He is my light, my way. if he doesn't say move, I don't move. I am more aware of my surroundings and what I do, and my lifestyle has changed completely," said the woman who once lived a life contrary to those standards.

Durrant, who admits to Family and Religion that she had challenges giving up the dancehall, "the drugs man, other people's man, lying and conning men", said she loved the limelight and naked clothes so much so that it was a struggle to focus on Christ.

Although she openly confessed Christ as her Lord and Saviour in 2009, she was a far stretch from living as a Christian ought.

"No matter how much I loved Jesus, I loved the heels and the 'impy skimpy' clothes more," she shared.




Durrant said it was two hard years of struggle. She hid and went to parties and slept with her boyfriend.

"I started to examine myself, crying out to God, 'I'm water baptised and I made a vow before you and I want to keep it and give up this life of sin, having to lay with this man'," said Durrant.

She told Family and Religion that she started to gradually move away from the sinful lifestyle until one night when God showed up in a big way in her life.

She said she was embarrassed at a party she attended when her ex-boyfriend showed up and, during an argument, knocked her out flat.

"That is when I told God this is it; not one foot in and the other out, but I surrender," she said of the decision she made four years ago.

Since then, she said she has managed to stay out of temptation's way by giving up some of the company she kept, resulting in many saying she is selfish.

"I know what my weakness was, and what I was forced [me] to let go of it. I never knew I could live a life of purity, holiness me - a liar, thief nothing, good, mean and bitter. I would malice and was quick to fight, but still I had this encounter. I found joy, peace, love, hope, gentleness, temperance, meekness, self-control," shared Durrant about her transformed life.

Durrant said she is now enjoying a life of serving Christ, ministering and praying with others.

Born in Kingston, she grew up in the Kencot community and is a past student of St Andrew Technical High School.

Now a member of the Prophetic and Deliverance Ministry, Durrant said she has been proving God every day in her life.

with a diploma in business management and a certified nail and hair technician, she has seen her needs, as well as her child's, being met through divine intervention while she continues the job hunt.

"God is more than enough and I walk by faith and live by faith. I live by being humble and obedient and presenting myself as a living sacrifice - holy and righteous before Him."




A single mother with a 15-year-old son, for her, had it not been God, she could not have survived. He gave her the strength to overcome when her "hormones arose". When her desires confront her, Durrant turns to prayer, reminding the Holy Spirit that her body belongs to Him.

In reaching out to young people, she reminds them that chasing money and other pleasures is a waste of time. It is more important to serve Christ.

"I thought I had it all. The fast car, the big house, the money, the latest fashion trend, the big party, but Jesus was saying, after a minute of pleasure, there is no joy or peace. I pretended I had it together but, little did I know it was all under the clothes and make-up," reminisced Durrant, who said she had to fight hard to maintain the 'first lady status' in the man's life.

Durrant is presently attending Bible school to become a full-time minister of the gospel.