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Is pregnancy possible?

Published:Saturday | August 27, 2016 | 8:00 AM

Q Dear Doc, I am a girl in my mid-teens, and people tell me that I am good-looking.

My problem is that several of the boys at my school are always asking me for sex. I tell them 'no way' because I believe that I should remain a virgin until I get married.

Unfortunately, there is one young guy in my class to whom I feel a certain attraction because he is witty, pleasant and charming, and also nice-looking. He has invited me to be his 'regular girlfriend'. I asked him what that would mean.

He replied that we would date, kiss and hug, and maybe go further, but when I told him that I would not have sex, he replied that he had a special way of doing it which would ensure that I could not possibly get pregnant.

What do you think, Doc? Could there be any truth in what he says?


A Look, the trouble with many teenage guys is that they are desperate to have sex with young women. They will resort to all sorts of ruses in order to persuade innocent young females to give in. Frankly, they will often tell you lies.

Now, this guy says that he has some special way of having sex which ensures that his partner does not get pregnant. I estimate that the young man is around 15 or 16. At that age, how much do you think he really knows about sex?

Do you believe that he has somehow invented some special form of birth control which allows him to have intercourse without causing pregnancy? Great medical brains have struggled to discover such a thing, and have failed!

My guess is that this young fellow has heard about what is called coitus interruptus or withdrawal. This is a technique used by vast numbers of teenagers in which the male has intercourse with the female for a little while, but then 'pulls out' just before he reaches his climax.

The usual result is that he ejaculates over the female's thigh or belly.

As a 'rough and ready' method of birth control, it is certainly better than nothing. The only trouble is that very often, it goes wrong and the young lady gets pregnant.

It is possible that the young man believes that he can have sex without making you pregnant, but you should not give in to him.

You were wise when you decided that you would stay a virgin until you get married. Try and stick to that plan if possible.

Q Doc, I am an 18-year-old guy with a very long foreskin. I am embarrassed by this because people look at it when I am in the sports changing room.

The only time I have been in a 'clothes off' situation with a girl, she seemed surprised by it, and I think she actually laughed at it. We did not have sex because I was so ashamed.

What can I do? Is there any medication or ointment that would make the foreskin shorter?

A Sorry to hear you have been feeling like this. Allow me to make two points:

1. In the changing-room, other guys are probably not staring at your foreskin. It is easy to think that other folks are staring at you when they are actually doing nothing of the kind.

2. I am doubtful that the girl was laughing at your foreskin. Young women frequently laugh when they are in what you describe as a 'clothes off' situation. This is often because they are a little embarrassed about their own naked bodies.

Now, I am afraid that there is no medication that will make your foreskin shorter, nor is there any ointment that will help you.

So what should you do? Well, I think you should try and consult the type of surgeon who is called a urologist. He will rapidly tell you whether your foreskin is abnormal.

If it really is abnormally long, then he may well suggest that you have a little 'trimming' operation. He might even offer you a full circumcision operation in which the foreskin is removed completely.

Q Hi Doc. We are a young couple and we enjoy sex a lot. We would like to know which is better - the Pill or the condom?

A Well, you have to look at three criteria - effectiveness, side-effects, and protection against sex infection.

- Effectiveness: The Pill is pretty well 100 per cent effective in preventing pregnancy - as long as you remember to take it. The condom is around 97 per cent to 98 per cent effective, provided you use it carefully.

- Side effects: The condom has practically no side effect (unless one of you has an allergy to rubber). The Pill can occasionally have serious side effects like clotting, but these are rare in young women. However, do not smoke while you are on the Pill as this increases the chances of clotting.

- Protection against infection: The condom offers good protection against sexual infection. The Pill offers none, but if you two are totally faithful to each other, then sexual infections just will not happen.

So now it is up to the pair of you to make your choice.

Q I am a 17-year-old guy. Since recently, I have had slight pain while urinating. Could this be cancer of the prostate, Doc?

A Cancer of the prostate is common in Jamaica, but not in 17-year-olds.

It sounds like you have a little infection in the urine, so you should go to a doctor, taking with you a specimen of your urine in a very clean (and preferably sterile) container. There is no need to fret. All will be well.

Q Doc, my menses are irregular. Would it be safe for me to take the Pill? Or would it make the periods worse?

A The Pill would probably be good for your menses and make them regular and light, but you must check with a doctor and see what she says.

Q Since having sex with a girl in Falmouth last week, I have had intense itching under the foreskin. Is this a VD (venereal disease), Doc? Or maybe even cancer?

A Forget these ideas. It sounds like a little fungus infection. Fungi just loves the moist, warm areas under a guy's foreskin.

Please buy some anti-fungal cream from a pharmacy. Apply it three times for the week. You should be completely better by then, but if you aren't, check with a doctor.

Q I am female, age 19. Doc, I have to confess to you that for several years, I have been unable to resist masturbating.

A friend has now told me that this habit can alter the shape of the clitoris. Is she right?

A No, she is talking foolishness. These days, any doctor will tell you that masturbation is totally harmless.

Q I have been on the Pill for three weeks. Unfortunately, during that time, I somehow had sex with two different boys on different nights.

Doc, will the Pill protect me against pregnancy caused by both of them?

A Yes, the Pill will protect you against 'all comers', but please try to avoid this kind of multi-partner sex. It just exposes you to the risk of chlamydia and other sexually transmitted infections.

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