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Tasha-Gaye Smith: The power of healing

Published:Saturday | August 27, 2016 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis
Tasha-Gaye Smith has found her way back to Christ.


Having proven the miraculous healing power of Jesus Christ, Tasha-Gaye Smith surrendered her life to her saviour, a decision that she considers to be the only logical one.

Smith, who first got baptised at the age of 12 in 2004, recounted that it was a near-death experience that triggered her decision to accept Christ as her personal saviour after witnessing His power and might.

"I was seriously ill. At 11 years old, I discovered a bump on my left leg, which shortly after broke out into a large sore. Despite visiting several doctors and getting varied medication, my condition worsened, and it was only after attending a crusade with my mother, who is a Christian, that I witnessed the power of healing by the Holy Spirit," she told Family and Religion.

According to Smith, after she was introduced to then evangelist Linton Bailey, who is now the pastor of her church, Norwich Church of God, healing was requested on her behalf by her mother. Smith further recounted that during that period, her sore had worsened significantly, causing her sleepless nights as a result of the excruciating pain.

But upon examining the sore, the evangelist indicated that the problem was far bigger than he had imagined and immediately called for support from a deacon. Both men then became engaged in prayer as they petitioned the throne of grace.

Smith noted that olive oil was poured on the area by the evangelist, who became engaged in the speaking of tongues. She noted also that after the speaking in tongues concluded, she was instructed by the evangelist to dump whatever medication she had left as God was going to take over.




"Within a week, there was significant improvement with my leg as the area became very dry. In a matter of weeks, I was fully healed, and even today, I am unable to find the spot on my leg as there is no sign of a scar. After my 12th birthday, I gave my life to Jesus Christ as I had witnessed His power and might and I was a living testimony," she noted.

However, life for the 24-year-old mother of one would have its ups and downs. After becoming a teenager, she was swayed by the wonders of the world and started to turn her back on her Maker and King. She, however, pointed out that though she had wandered far away from God, she never left the Church.

The birth of her daughter in 2012 would trigger another change in the life of the back-sliding Christian, who admitted to Family and Religion that her conscience played on her as she felt an urgent need to return to Christ. That urge was satisfied last year when Smith recommitted her life to Jesus Christ.

Continuing, Smith said: "I have so much to thank the Lord for that I don't even know where to begin. Each step of the way, God has been there for me. Christ gave me a job at the Portland Parish Council, and shortly after, my prayer of owning a car was also answered. I urge everyone to give God a chance in their life. God is our provider and sustainer. There is nothing too hard for my God to do."