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Montague urges Kiwanians to help fight crime

Published:Tuesday | August 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Robert Montague


National Security Minister Robert Montague has urged members of the Kiwanis club organisation in Jamaica to help in the fight against crime.

Speaking at the 26th Convention of Kiwanis Clubs in Jamaica at Moneague College in St Ann on Sunday, Montague, himself a Kiwanian, urged the club members to play their role in helping to stem the scourge of domestic abuse and violence.

Montague said the crime situation did not come to its present state overnight, and the problem will not be solved overnight, but would require hard work, commitment and steadfastness.

"In the fight against crime and violence, the figures tell me that 37 per cent of the murders committed in Jamaica are domestic related, people who know each other killings themselves. And this is where the Kiwanis movement is going to have to play a part," he said. "As Kiwanians, I am urging you to intervene," he urged.

The minister pointed out that people usually fail to intervene in incidents of domestic violence, but after a murder, they make every effort to go to the funeral.


"Let us commit ourselves not to go to the funeral, but to intervene because we are Kiwanians, and if we don't intervene, who else will intervene?

"Kiwanians, we must give priority to the human and spiritual rather than the material values of life."

There's nothing wrong, as Kiwanians, in sitting down families and talking to them in an effort to solve domestic and other issues, he pointed out.

Montague also urged Kiwanians to reach beyond the boundaries of the Kiwanis movement and become involved in other organisations.

"As good citizens of Jamaica, we have to reach out to clubs beyond Kiwanis, we have to become part of the parent- teachers' association, the neighbourhood watch, the citizens association. We have a role to play in the fight against crime."

The national security minister also used the opportunity to urge the members present to download the Stay Alert application being promoted by his ministry.

The Stay Alert app has four menu options geared towards empowering the public. These are the iReport, Panic Mode, The Law and Alerts menu.

Held under the theme 'Rekindling the Spirit of Kiwanis,' the convention attracted scores of attendees from Jamaica, Eastern Canada and the Caribbean districts.

The one-day convention featured forums and workshops pertaining to leadership and management.