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Monique Trenchfield shares her walk with God

Published:Saturday | September 3, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels
Monique Trenchfield, in encouraging others who may be going through their struggles, says, “Jesus is the only way, the truth and life.”

After getting saved at 12 years old, she was given 12 months to backslide. But 10 years later Monique Trenchfield is still holding onto her salvation. Her desire to become a Christian stemmed from her early years going to church with her younger brother.

"Going to church so young, I became curious as to what made people go so 'crazy' in church about Jesus, with the loud shouts of praises and vibrant dance moves. So later on, while at a crusade, I decided to get to know Christ for myself," she said.

As a young girl trying to live for Jesus she faced many problems, but peer pressure was a major challenge.

"I used to feel like the odd one out, not having the same interest as my friends. I wondered if there was something wrong with me because I chose to live for Jesus Christ. I also had to contend with criticisms from some relatives. But I have learn that all things work together for good, my good," she told Family & Religion.

However, she said the discouragement and persecutions fuelled a fire that drove her closer to Jesus.

"Some young people who were in the church expressed hatred and jealousy towards me because of how active I was in church, but it was worth going through for Christ's sake; the suffering now cannot be compared to the glory to come."




Monique said the best things about her journey are her encounters with God and the manifestation of the Holy Ghost and gifts, which results in helping others, bringing edification, healing and deliverance.

"The most fascinating part is God Himself, how He works, moves and speaks," she added as she shared her testimony.

She is still an active member of the Full Truth Church of God Deliverance Ministry in New Longville, Clarendon. There she, preaches, evangelises, ministers in song, intercedes in prayer and sometimes plays the keyboard.

She also has what she calls a 'Facebook ministry' as people from all over the world have testified of God's move and inspiration through her social media page.

"God spoke to me about two years ago while in a state where I didn't feel like I could endure anymore. Unwillingly, I landed on my knees before the King in worship. Then He said: 'I do what I want to, when I want to, whereever I want to, to whomever I choose', leaving me with these three words that have scared me and left a beautiful mark - God a Boss!"

In encouraging others who may be going through their struggles, she says, "Jesus is the only way, the truth and life. He can be an awesome Friend and a great Provider if you let Him. Often, we try to fit in with the majority of the world and settle for less than the greatness He wants us to walk and live in. You can encounter Him, too, just believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that He is Lord," she said.

"To you reading this right now, believe God because He is the only one who can change your situation. There will be sufferings but there will also be glory."