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My walk with Christ has changed me completely - pastor

Published:Saturday | September 3, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels
Pastor Henry: I love to encourage young people to stay focused and to serve the Lord.

It is often said that the path to salvation is not smooth, but laden with trials and tribulations that manifest themselves most times when we are at our weakest. But as long as Christ lives within us, navigating that path will be made easy.

On his Christian journey, Pastor Asukile Henry has been faced with many obstacles, sleepless nights and misguided judgements.

"I have been lied on and misjudged, among other things, but through it all, I have made it thus far depending only on Jesus," he said.

Pastor Henry gave his life to Christ in 1997 after a deaconess witnessed to him about how precious the love of God was.

"I used to go to church every Sunday, but on the third Sunday of July that year, she spoke to me about giving my life to Christ because hell is real. That was the conviction that brought me to God," he told Family and Religion.

"The best thing about my walk with Christ since then is that my life has completely changed: I have a peace of mind, and I have the opportunity to minister the Word of God to others."

Two years ago, he was held up by gunmen and robbed of all the money he had that night.

"I was placed on my knees with guns pointed to my head, and as they made their demands, I felt the presence of God. I took comfort in knowing that I am covered under the blood of Jesus," he said, adding that he was shoved into a gully but wasn't injured.

"While at the police station, I was just giving thanks to the Lord for my life. I just kept walking around the station yard just praising my God," he recounted, having come face-to-face with death and survived.

Surprisingly, a week later, Pastor Henry returned the same place he was robbed to minister at a church in the area.

He has been the host pastor at the headquarters of Harvest Time Church of God in McCooks Pen, St Catherine, for the last four years and is also a part of the outreach ministry.

"Anything the Lord would bid me to do, or in any capacity that I can serve which will further the Gospel and build the Kingdom of God, I am willing to do it, gladly."

Pastor Henry currently serves as youth adviser to the Harvest Time Youth Body. He also assists in the youth department with various activities for the growth and development of young people.

"I love to encourage young people to stay focused and to serve the Lord," he concluded.