Thu | Apr 19, 2018

Defence blasts investigators as closing arguments begin in Oaklands murder case

Published:Monday | September 5, 2016 | 12:15 PM

 Livern Barrett, Senior Gleaner Writer

Lead defence attorney Jacqueline Samuels-Brown this morning blasted police investigators and questioned critical aspects of the prosecution's case as she began making closing arguments in the Oaklands murder trial of Kingston businessman Stephen Causewell.‎

Samuels-Brown argued that sometimes instead of searching "every nook and cranny" for a suspect, police investigators "grab onto the first person they see".

"If you analyse the evidence you will see that's why this man is here," she said, pointing to Causewell in the dock.

"The investigation in this case was very poor ... don't think that because this man was the closest to them (police) at the time of this woman's death that he should suffer ... don't fall into that error," Samuels-Brown said.

Causewell is on trial for allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend Nardia Mitchell at her Oaklands Apartment in July 2008.

Turning to the prosecution's case, Samuels-Brown questioned where was the evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Causewell killed Mitchell or, by some unlawful act, caused her death.

According to her, what happened in Mitchell's apartment the night she died is exactly as her client told investigators.

"What he told you, and this is supported by their (prosecution) expert, was just a tussle, a fight for a short time and she (Mitchell) stormed out," she argued.

"So my friend (lead prosecutor Paula Llewellyn) can talk about circumstantial evidence all she wants, nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Two zeroes don't make a thousand," she insisted.

Llewellyn is expected to make her closing arguments later today.