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New home for Adonijah Group

Published:Monday | September 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Adonija Special Needs School trio (from left) Tasheika Watson, principal; Ruthlyn James, founder and director; and Gemma Gibbon, child psychologist are delighted with the school's new home on Waltham Park Road.

Waltham Park Road, 102A to be exact, is an address that holds special significance for the management team of The Adonijah Group.

It is at this location that founder and director of the special-needs school, Ruthlyn James, will continue her thrust to offer world-class services to children with learning disabilities. The school, which was previously housed at Elspeth Avenue, has been relocated to what James describes as a more ideal location.

"Adonijah was actually operating out of my home. We finally got the chance to sell the property, so it gave us the opportunity to get a better property. In addition to that, I have always wanted somewhere where we can have all the different hubs for special-needs intervention," she told The Gleaner ahead of a tour of the facility. According to James, the school will now have more space for its therapy rooms, classrooms, multisensory room and doctor's office. The school's principal, Tasheika Watson, explained that the school will now operate an expanded programme as it has assumed responsibility for the Herro Blair Basic School, which was inherited with the property.




Adonijah's resident child psychologist Gemma Gibbon said she was excited about the new location as it will make delivery of intervention more effective. She argued that the services offered by Adonijah are unique because of the philosophy which guides the school's approach to special needs.

"We must think what special needs mean and, in fact, every single person in this world has a special need; and even if they are not regarded as such, they have a different way they learn ... we have to move away from the term 'special needs' and use the term 'differently abled' because they are enabled, not disabled ... this is what we are trying to encourage in this school," she said.

As the new school term begins, James says parents can expect more from the expanded services the new location will provide. According to her, the school is now able to offer cutting-edge intervention, clinical services, larger play and stimulation areas.

"Parents and students can expect the same love and appreciation that they always had before, (including) the same open-door policy, the same lovely faces. But they can also now expect more ... we want to make what was better best, because we are here to serve and we want to serve to the best of our ability," she said.