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RUBiS pumps resources into modernisation

Published:Tuesday | September 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM
From left: Sean Scott, CEO of Wisynco Foods; Raymond Samuels, retail manager of RUBiS Energy Jamaica; Maurice Sloley, operations manager of Wisynco Foods; and Alain Carreau, CEO of RUBiS Energy Jamaica, pause for a photograph after a brief tour of the refurbished C-Store at the RUBiS Bridgehouse location in Spanish Town.
From left: Alain Carreau, CEO of RUBiS Energy Jamaica; Wayne Wright, retail area manager; Raymond Samuels, retail manager; and Owen Chambers, retailer for RUBiS Bridgehouse, are all smiles as they sit at the newly renovated food court inside the C-Store during the grand opening of the RUBiS Bridgehouse location in Spanish Town on Friday, August 26.

Petroleum marketing company RUBiS Energy Jamaica on Friday, August 26, had the grand opening of the newly refurbished RUBiS Bridgehouse Service Station at Barnett Street in Spanish Town.

This marks the second major upgrade project in recent months, following the unveiling of the RUBiS Old Harbour Service Station, and is part of a massive modernisation investment from the licensed gasoline blending, bulk-distribution and importing company.

Alain Carreau, CEO, RUBiS Energy Jamaica, spoke of the modernisation project and outlined that it is part of the company's strategy moving forward.

"RUBiS Energy Jamaica is committed to the continuous upgrade and modernisation of our service stations and facilities. Reinvesting in the infrastructure to allow better service processes and safer, more customer-friendly environments with improved offerings have always been a company mandate, and I am pleased with the progress so far," said Carreau.




Raymond Samuels, retail marketing manager, spoke about the benefits of the upgraded facilities. "The refurbished RUBiS locations have been retrofitted with smart fuel controllers, new fuel pumps, as well as upgraded underground fuel storage systems. The newly installed double-wall tanks, along with the smart fuel controllers, increase safety and help to mitigate the environmental impact of potential fuel leaks," explained Samuels.

In addition to the upgraded fuel tanks and pumps, RUBiS has also ventured to upgrade their C-Store at the Bridgehouse Service Station. Customers will now benefit from a brand-new food court area with improved offerings, such as gourmet hot dogs along with sandwiches and other snacks. The C-Store has a much-improved ambience and facilitates ease of access and comfort, with a seating area for customers added.

Following the opening of RUBiS Bridgehouse in Spanish Town, RUBiS Energy Jamaica's focus on modernisation is expected to continue as the petroleum marketing company has already revealed plans to upgrade additional locations.

"This is just the first phase of our modernisation project; we are working assiduously to have further locations upgraded, and we have already identified two of our service stations in the Corporate Area which will be upgraded as part of the next step of the service-station modernisation project," said Carreau.