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Sherika Smith is a future forensic scientist

Published:Tuesday | September 6, 2016 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin
Sherika Smith of The Queen's School

Teamwork and endless sacrifices were factors Sherika Smith said led to her success in the recent Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations, gaining eight distinctions in all subjects taken.

Speaking with The Gleaner, the 17-year-old said this achievement has opened opportunities for her to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a forensic scientist, having done the sciences in the recent examinations - English language, biology, chemistry, physics, additional mathematics, French, mathematics and information technology.

"It was challenging, hectic, a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of days without lunch," she said.

"During the SBA (school-based assessment) period, we had to be going around the school, consulting with our teachers, making sure that everything was correct before it was sent in," she said.

"We had to work together because we know that, as a team, we can achieve much more. To tell you the truth, I didn't expect all ones. I wanted to get it, but I am not going to say I am one of those overconfident persons," she continued.


Worried about subjects


The Queen's School student also shared that though there were slight financial constraints, in addition to other challenges, she was determined to do well.

"After finishing the exams, there were some subjects that I was worried about. I could remember things that I wrote on the paper and possible mistakes and how they could have been corrected. The chemistry, additional mathematics and biology were particularly challenging for me," Smith said.

"I remember this one night before the physics exam, I was looking through the syllabus and I was so confused and at the same time very tired. I got so frustrated, I started crying. My mother had to be there encouraging and helping me along," she added.

Smith had high praises for her mother, noting that even during her very low periods, her mother continued to support her.

"It has been a trend from primary school, I always try to do my best, and my mother has always been there. When I say I'm tired and I cannot do this anymore, she is there to encourage me," she declared.

Smith will be moving on to sixth form at Queen's.