Thu | Feb 22, 2018

Hanover Parish Council audit complete

Published:Thursday | September 8, 2016 | 8:51 AM

Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie says he has now received the report of a special audit into the operations of the Hanover Parish Council.

In May, the minister ordered an in-depth audit of the council after allegations of financial mismanagement and corruption.

While declining to offer the details of the report, McKenzie said meetings are being held to discuss the findings and steps are being taken to implement some of the recommendations.


Local Government Minister, Desmond McKenzie

He says the audits into the operations of other parish council are still underway and once completed, he will make a submission to Parliament to have them tabled there.

A probe carried out by the Office of the Contractor General at the Hanover Parish Council found, among other things, issues of nepotism, favouritism and conflict of interest in the awarding of government contracts.