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A nephew’s desperate plea for his aunt

Published:Thursday | September 8, 2016 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell Livingston
Jane Falconer needs help.

For as long as Jane Falconer's nephew Tilde Falconer can remember, she has been a solid rock for those around her. She has been a mother not only to him, but to children in the church she attends as well.

Jane has never given birth to a child and has never been married, but that has not stopped her from pouring out her heart to those from her community and church family.

Now she is badly in need of help to keep her loving heart going.

"She has been there from I was born. She was the one that has been there for me throughout my life," are heartfelt words coming from her nephew.

Jane lived with Tilde's parents when he was younger and assisted in his care so much so, that he now refers to her as his second mother.




It is for that reason he is now reaching out for assistance so she can have a pacemaker inserted by November.

"The family has been through a lot in a short space of time. I lost my father, one of my aunts (her sister), a niece and that is the reason why I now have to resort to pleading for help," he told Rural Xpress.

Between July and August, four family members died and Tilden is now praying he can avert a fifth one.

"All our resources have dried up dealing with the multiple funerals," he said.

For his aunt to survive she will need a consumable dual chamber pacemaker to be inserted and according to her nephew, doctors say it must be done by November.

Each day, they have to ensure that she doesn't get excited about anything and try to keep her as calm as possible as anything that causes her heartbeat to 'speed up' could prove detrimental.



"When her brother and sister died, they died 15 days apart and she was close to all of them. We had to be there begging her daily not to upset herself cause the stress of it could kill her," said Tilden.

"I have told her not to worry about anything that I will figure out a way to get the money that the surgery can be done. Right now I am banking on my faith in God and the hope that others will read this story and see the need to reach out and help someone who has been helping others all her life," he said.

Jane who hails from Bagatelle District, Ashley in Clarendon, attends the Ashley Church of Christ where she made it her duty to ensure the church is kept clean.

A patient at May Pen Health Centre where she does her regular checkups, she was alerted to the serious nature of her illness when she was referred to the Kingston Public Hospital for a more thorough check up. From there, she was sent to the University Hospital of the West Indies where she was informed of the urgent need for surgery.

The cost for the dual chamber pacemaker is US$2,500 while the surgery will cost $140,000.

"We have written a letter to the Ministry of Health seeking assistance, we have been asking other church family for assistance, and other family members, but to date, we are still far from our financial goal.

I can't lose another family member, so I hoping, no I am praying that somehow she will get the help she needs," he said.

Persons interested in helping Jane Falconer can deposit to her University of the West Indies (UWI) National Commercial Bank (NCB) US dollar account 406002497 or UWI NCB Jamaican dollar NCB account 402597984, Bank Code JNCBJMKX.