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Businesses urged to seek growth

Published:Saturday | September 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM

In seeking to improve the economy of the parish, the President of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce Garfield Green has announced the formation of a number partnerships necessary for this goal.

Groups being urged to enter into this arrangement are the security forces, members of the financial and education sector, and government leaders.

"This is a task we alone cannot do, and to this end, we have formed partnerships with various stakeholders from various industries that can encourage our efforts ..." Green announced during the chambers' monthly meeting recently.

He added, "Given the importance of our goal, we also seek guidance from experts and technocrats in the areas of development ... ."

Green commended those who have already invested in the parish and encouraged those with plans afoot to continue with the trend.

Member of Parliament for Central Manchester Peter Bunting is imploring individuals to think of local entrepreneurial dynamism as the way forward.

In reference to the dynamism needed, Bunting made mention of the call centre, Sutherland Global, which is located in the town of Mandeville, and posited that the building expansion currently being sought out, should be undertaken by local contractors rather than having the Chinese build it.

He expressed that only a change in the mentality of entrepreneurs and accurate execution of work will move the parish and the country forward, following the lingering effects of the closure of the bauxite plants.