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Clarendon youth group calls for vigilance against illegal transport operators

Published:Saturday | September 10, 2016 | 11:21 AM

Clarendon-based advocacy group Youth for Change is calling for the authorities to step up their vigilance against illegal bus and taxi operators who transport students in the parish.

Yesterday, an illegally operated minibus crashed and injured 28 persons including 23 students of the Garvey Maceo High School.

Some of the injured reportedly suffered broken limbs and had to be treated at hospital.

The group’s president D.R. Freckleton says the Transport Authority and the Police need to do more to monitor routes students use to get to and from schools in the parish and to apprehend those who break the road code.

Freckleton also urged students to desist from travelling in buses and taxis whose drivers encourage risky and life threatening behaviour.


President of Youth for Change D.R Freckleton

Meanwhile, Regional Manager for the Southern Region at the Transport Authority, Arlene Smith, says beginning on Monday, the agency will be intensifying operations along the Garvey Maceo and Vere Technical corridor.

Smith is imploring students not to use illegal transport and to use the safe school bus programme.

Meanwhile, Transport Authority board member, Joel Williams, says the next phase of the school bus programme is to roll out soon.