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Constables freed of corruption charges

Published:Saturday | September 10, 2016 | 11:19 AM

Police constables Romaine Henry and Cleburn Wallace have been freed of corruption charges.

Henry and Wallace, who are attached to Half-Way Tree Police Station, were freed after parish judge Chester Crooks upheld submissions by their attorney Hugh Wildman.

It was alleged that on November 14, 2014 the policemen tried to solicit $10,000 from a bus driver in the Half-Way Tree Area in exchange for dropping prosecution for an outstanding warrant.

The policemen had denied the allegations.

When the matter came before the court last year Wildman told the court that the cops were trying to arrest the driver because he had 11 warrants and that the driver made a false report against his clients.

The judge instructed Major Organised Crime and Anti Corruption Agency to investigate the matter and the agency subsequently informed the court the driver did in fact have 11 warrants.

The complainant has never attended court after he made the allegation against the accused policemen.

When the case was called up in court yesterday, Wildman asked the judge to throw out the case.

The prosecution told the court that it would dismiss the matter due to want of prosecution because the witness did not attend court.

However,  Wildman argued that no evidence should be offered in the matter and a formal verdict of not guilty be entered.

The judge agreed with the attorney and freed the cops.