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Eton-Lee Lewis talks about the on-time God

Published:Saturday | September 10, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels
Eton-Lee Lewis: Life is one exam you cannot afford to fail.

Eton-Lee Lewis has proven on numerous occasions that when we are down to nothing, God is up to something. According to him, many times when he was at his wits end, God shows up and provides a breakthrough.

The 23-year-old Lewis who worships at the Faith General Baptist Church on Jackson Street in May Pen, Clarendon, gave his life to Christ under a crusade tent in March 2009. He said he became a Christian because he found God to be the only aspect of his life that would never fail.

"From a tender age, I remember telling my mother I would become a pastor because I loved to help people, and saving them from hell would be a major help. I always prayed and kept listening to the voice of God speaking to my conscience," he said.

"I was 16 years old when I became a Christian - the age of experimentation and discovery. This made my Christian journey rather winding and somewhat tumultuous. Many plagues and trials came about me - sex, anger, materialism and several spates of bad influences. At times, I became spiritually lazy and uninterested as I procrastinated constantly, telling myself I am young (so), I can live freely and be a Christian when I'm old," he said, adding that he spent days wondering if he had made a mistake.

Lewis told Family & Religion that complacency was his biggest enemy, and on many occasions when it reared its head, God gave him reminders of what He is able to do through events in his life. He calls those testimonies.

Speaking of testimonies, he said, after graduating from UWI with his degree, he tried desperately to find employment.

"I sat at home for weeks depressed, praying and hoping for a job. All my friends had jobs, so it made me feel like a failure, below par and even worthless.

"I had so much faith and hope as I applied for jobs, and when a month passed and no responses were forthcoming, I lost it. I was at my wit's end," he shared.




One Saturday while on an errand, he received a phone call. It was the managing director of a telecommunications company seeking to offer him a job.

"I spoke with him to great extent and agreed on an interview date. While I talked to him, the tears started to flow. I could not believe it that at my point of breaking, here came the Master of the storm to give me peace of mind. I remember praying and driving and saying 'thank you Jesus' for the entire day."

Lewis says after seven years, he is yet to give up hope.

"I still yearn for a filling and continue to pray that God uses me to do whatever it is that is required. I am now a teacher, and I use every opportunity to speak to youth and give them hope that there is better and life is precious."

He added, "Being young and Christian to the unsaved seems a very bad mix like water and oil - immiscible. But I want to say to that young man or young woman: Would you rather waste your life living for today and hoping for tomorrow than to live for Christ and be sure of eternity? Money will go, clothes will go, even life itself can be snuffed out in the blink of an eye, so I encourage you to be ready, life is one exam you cannot afford to fail," he concluded.